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Experience nature, with biodegradable ski pole baskets.

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Each Purchase Helps the Environment

Sustainable Adventure Gear

Unique Wildlife Track Imprints

Renewably sourced and fully biodegradable


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Amplify your alpine escapades with our distinctive ski pole baskets. Ski responsibly, leave animal tracks, not carbon footprints.

Snow Shoeing

Transform every step into an exciting wildlife imprint. Snowshoe with sustainability at the forefront.


Add a dash of wild fun to your ascent! Our eco-friendly baskets support your climb and respect nature.


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Unleash your inner adventurer! Find the perfect eco-conscious companion for your outdoor pursuits.

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Why Your Support Matters

Your support for Stoke Tracks goes beyond a purchase - it's a pledge for a more sustainable world. For every pair purchased $1 goes to support our partners at POW.

We're committed to using genuinely biodegradable TPU, that will biodegrade in 6 to 9 months, presenting an eco-friendly alternative that does not compromise performance.

Your involvement means a cleaner, safer environment for future generations. Let's make a difference together!

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These are so great!

Super easy to install. Have had so many comments from friends about how cool these are.



Super Stoked!

My wolf paw basket look totally rad. Love that I get to leave my mark when I'm crushing the groomers!


California, USA

Will order again!

Mountain lions are amazing. Seeing the paw prints when we're skiing is really cool. I also like the colors.


California, USA


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