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Product Information

What do we mean when we say these baskets are BIODEGRADABLE?

We mean that our baskets biodegrade entirely in 180 - 270 days when buried in soil or when floating in the ocean. A lot of plastics these days are labelled as biodegradable or compostable. Nearly all of these need either 1000s of years to biodegrade or are compostable only in industrial composters. The material we use for our baskets is entirely different from this. Read more about the amazing science of biodegradable thermoplastic polyurethane here.

These baskets are seriously made from PLANTS?

Yep. To be more specific, they'e made from oils produced by algae. How amazing is that? Most plastics out there are petroleum based. We're no experts, but we're guessing plant-based materials are probably better for the environment.

Won't these baskets just fall apart when I start using them?

Nope. The biodegradable material we use in our baskets needs to be exposed to specific conditions that exist in soil and/or ocean water for extended periods of time in order to start to biodegrade. We've been testing these on the slopes for 2 years now with no noticeable degradation. Maybe don't store them buried in the dirt in your backyard over summer though, just in case...

How do I install these baskets on my poles?

Our baskets fit both twist on and snap on pole basket assemblies. If you have twist on baskets, twist the old ones off and twist your new Stoke Tracks baskets on. If you have snap on baskets, pull those suckers off and snap your new Stoke Tracks baskets on. Easy does it!

Our Partnership

How do these ski pole baskets help fund our partners at Protect Our Winters - POW?

$1 from every purchase goes directly to our partners at POW. That means that your purchase can have a real impact on climate change. POW has accomplished amazing things.

Check them out here - POW.

orders, Return and Exchange

What am I eligible for?

Exchanges - Stoke Tracks accepts exchanges for items purchased directly from within the contiguous US. Exchanged items must be in new condition. Stoke Tracks reserves the right to determine if the product(s) meet this criteria.

Returns - Stoke Tracks accepts returns for only unused or lightly used items purchased directly from within 30 days of purchase/order date. Stoke Tracks reserves the right to determine if the product(s) meet this criteria.

What is the process for returns?


  1. Please email us at Let us know If you want a return or exchange. Include your order number and zip code.
  2. If you ordered multiple items, let us know which item(s) you would like to exchange/return.
  3. When making an return/exchange, return shipping is FREE.
  4. When we receive your email, we'll send you shipping label within 3 days.
  5. Once we receive the item, we will email you to confirm the return/exchange.

have more questions to ask?

Send us an email and we'll get in touch with you as soon as we can!


how to install your stoke tracks


remove your current basket

To remove your existing basket, grasp it firmly, pulling downwards towards the ski pole tip while rotating counterclockwise.



Installing your STOKE TRACKS is a breeze. Simply push it upwards toward the pole's handle while twisting clockwise. Continue until it sits snugly against the stopper.

*Product could be softened in a bowl of hot water.


now, get outsideand leave your mark

Stoke Tracks are designed to inspire. Now that you're equipped, it's time to get outside and leave your mark!