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Our ski pole baskets are your perfect companion for unforgettable nature escapades!

Each Purchase Helps the Environment

Sustainable Adventure Gear

Unique Wildlife Track Imprints

Renewably sourced and fully biodegradable


why choose Stoke Tracks


Sustainable Adventure

Each basket is crafted from biodegradable plastics, minimizing our carbon footprint, one track at a time.


Realistic Animal Tracks

Each Stoke Tracks leaves a unique animal imprint, transforming regular outings into exciting journeys filled with fun and engagement.


Direct-to-Consumer Model

With our direct-to-consumer model, we cut out the middlemen, passing the savings on to you. Stoke Tracks brings eco-friendly adventure gear straight to your doorstep.


Equip Yourself with the Best


Amplify your alpine adventures with our distinctive ski pole baskets. Ski responsibly, leave animal tracks, not carbon footprints.

snow shoeing

Transform every step into an exciting wildlife imprint. Snowshoe with sustainability at the forefront.


Add a dash of wild fun to your ascent! Our eco-friendly baskets support your climb and respect nature.